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Working with the community to build a ground-up response to domestic abuse, sexual violence and harassment in all its forms. 

At Landlark, we believe that domestic abuse, intimate partner violence and all forms of harassment will never go away unless we take a community-based, collective response. It is everybody’s responsibility to address, and it affects and damages everybody. 

      Our story 

by Founder, Beth Warmington

Landlark is the name of my family house. It's where I grew up with my brother and sister, where my mum still lives today and where I now take my own kids. It has always been and remains one of the safest places in the world to me.

It remained that safe place when as a teenager my first boyfriend subjected me to over a year of physical and emotional violence and abuse which has shaped and defined me ever since. It has carved out what I stand for, and what I will no longer stand for. 

I wish I could say that what happened to me was unusual, not a common occurrence. Unfortunately, that is just not the case. Figures on a national and global scale tell us just how common my story and many others are. When I speak to friends, it is more unusual to come across one of them who has not experienced harassment or abuse in some form. 

Landlark represents a safe space with an aspiration that one day all spaces will be safe ones.

Our story
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