Building a world where everyone lives free from domestic abuse and violence.

We believe it is our responsibility to build a world free from domestic abuse and violence. We will do this by working collegiately, building community responses, and educating the whole community.

Our core values


Lived experience

We use personal insights to drive meaningful change, this is why we focus on equipping young people with the knowledge to recognise and prevent domestic abuse and gender-based violence.


Collaborative action

We believe proactive community engagement can spark transformative and lasting change. Together with our community we work together to end the epidemic of domestic abuse and gender-based violence.


Empowering change

We challenge prevailing narratives and empower young people through education and community engagement, to ignite positive social change.


My story

By Landlark founder, Beth Warmington

Landlark is the name of my family home. It's where I grew up with my brother and sister, where my mum still lives today, and where I now bring my own children. It has always been and remains one of the safest places in the world to me. It stayed that safe haven even when, as a teenager, my first boyfriend subjected me to over a year of physical and emotional violence and abuse. This experience has shaped and defined me ever since, carving out what I stand for and what I will no longer tolerate. I wish I could say that my story was rare. Sadly, it's not. National and global statistics reveal just how common such experiences are. When I talk to friends, it's more unusual to meet someone who hasn't encountered harassment or abuse in some form. Landlark symbolises a safe space with the hope that one day, all spaces will be safe for everyone.

What we do
Relationship education saves lives.

Let's be clear: no one is ever to blame for abuse except the abuser. However, enabling young people to have age-appropriate conversations and equipping them with the tools to recognise healthy and unhealthy behaviours helps break cycles of abuse and empowers the next generation to prevent domestic abuse and gender-based violence.

Since its inception, Landlark has funded Healthy Relationship workshops in Cambridgeshire schools, facilitated by Tender, the inspirational domestic abuse charity. This work has reached over 200 students, ranging from Year 6 to Year 12, and the number continues to grow.
Landlark collaborates with local schools, building relationships and funding this crucial Relationship Education.

We aim to extend these workshops to as many schools as possible, making young people ambassadors of the change we need. If your school is interested in Landlark-funded courses, please register your interest through the link below.

Case studies

After a two-day Healthy Relationships workshop, a group of Year 8 students at Cambourne Village College became Healthy Relationship ambassadors. Aly, Ethan, Katrina, Niven and Tanya created a presentation which they have now shared with the entire school and made badges to identify themselves, offering support to peers experiencing issues. Supported by their fantastic teacher Ms Kenton-Howells, the group meet weekly and have made plans about the ways they can help educate their peers, support others and break cycles of abuse.

By the end of the project:

  • 89% of participants could identify what makes a relationship healthy or unhealthy.
  • 93% recognized early warning signs of abuse, up from 46% pre-project.
  • 96% knew where to find support or advice about relationships, up from 54% pre-project.

Year 9 students at Chesterton Community College created a film based on their learnings from a two-day Healthy Relationship workshop. "Working with Landlark was pivotal for us. Landlark represents a safe space with a powerful aim that one day all spaces will be safe. Through our partnership, our students explored their role in creating safe spaces free from abuse, violence, and harassment. Landlark’s founder Beth’s passion for education and action on this vital topic is inspiring, turning passion into tangible results. Our young people have been changed as a result, and they will go on to change others."
Donna Hubbard-Young, Head of School, Chesterton Community College

Year 6 pupils performed an assembly to their peers after their two-day Healthy Relationship workshop, attended by Councillor Alice Gilderdale, Cambridge City Council’s Community Safety Executive Councillor.

Following their performance:

  • 72% enjoyed the assembly presentation.
  • 98% knew who to talk to if someone made them feel unsafe.
  • 95% felt capable of helping a friend in need.

Who we are


Beth Warmington

Founder & Trustee

Beth has a successful career as a researcher and communicator for politicians and government agencies. Driven to contribute to social causes, she has volunteered in various capacities, from helping young Syrians settle post-civil war to housing people during the COVID-19 pandemic, and training as a Community Ambassador for Cambridge Women's Aid's Ask Me project. Inspired by her experiences and studies in International Social Policy & Social Welfare, Beth founded Landlark in 2021 to combat domestic abuse, sexual violence, and harassment.


George Walker


George, our numbers man, holds a Masters in Mathematics and a PhD in Number Theory from Oxford. As a proud father, he supports Landlark's vision of empowering young people to respect and protect one another. George enjoys playing with stats and chills out playing the cello in his downtime.


Nicky Massey


Nicky, a former executive Councillor of Cambridge City Council, worked tirelessly with women's services across the region to highlight the need for systemic change in how domestic abuse is viewed. A survivor herself, she has campaigned for businesses to have domestic abuse policies and for education in schools about street harassment and abuse.

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