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What we do

Our vision is to help to create a world in which no one lives in fear for their physical, emotional or mental safety.

We believe domestic abuse, sexual violence and harassment in all its forms, will never go away unless our community takes collective responsibility. So, we work with the entire community to achieve our aims.

We're investing in projects to change the narrative, create safe spaces and campaign for change.

Check out our work and be a supporter if you can.

Changing the narrative

Changing the narrative

At Landlark, we know we need to take a sledgehammer to what we’ve all been told.

The way society demands young men and boys view young women and girls, the way we ask young women and girls to view themselves, the way we discuss masculinity and tell boys to ’toughen up,’ 'man up’, ‘ don’t show your feelings’. The drip drip of engrained misogyny that lends itself and ultimately leads us to a society where male violence is an epidemic and simultaneously men make up for 77 per cent of all suicides.

The version of masculinity/femininity we’re all being sold clearly isn’t working for anyone.


A key way of addressing the epidemic of violence against women, sexual violence and harassment is through education: working with young people to give them the tools they need to challenge and change the narrative themselves, passing on knowledge to their peers, their family members and creating a legacy of change that will keep on going.

Landlark provides much-needed funding to run educational courses in schools, like Healthy Relationships in schools facilitated by the amazing charity, Tender - using drama and the arts to equip young people with the tools they need to recognise relationships which may become abusive, coercive and controlling.

We want to get courses like these into as many schools as possible - let’s make young people the ambassadors of the change we need. 

If a school you work at would be interested in Landlark-funded courses, register your interest, here.

School Children
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